Agile plugin
  • Ajax agile boards
  • Version planner
  • Sortable issue cards
  • Swim lanes
  • Agile charts (burndown, cumulative flow, velocity)
  • Colors

Total downloads: 24122

  • Redmine: v2.6, v2.5, v2.4, v2.3
  • Ruby: 1.8.7, 1.9.3, 2.0.0
  • Database: SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server
  • OS: Linux, OS X, Windows
  • Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox

Ajax board

Plugin extends standard Redmine issues into full-featured dynamic agile board, which allows you to track issues, prioritize them and appoint assignees smarter, faster and all via drag & drop. The board is methodology-agnostic and you can configure it to use with either Scrum or Kanban methodologies (or even both if you like). Agile board is workflow-aware and will not allow unpermitted status transitions.


Agile charts

Swiftly respond to any unforeseen circumstances in your development process with agile charts. For, example, you can estimate the likelihood of achieving a sprint goal with Burndown and Burnup charts by tracking the amount of work remaining in a given sprint. Chart will also show you an ideal distribution of commitment over time needed to achieve the goal.


What if your pipeline is so complex that you have sub-statuses for some stages of your development process? Fear not gentle reader, we added support for that and allow you to add as many sub-columns as you want.


Version planner

Version is a set of features and fixes that are released as a single update to your software product as a result of the sprint. Version planner allows you to see which issues belong to particular sprint and to re-assign them among sprints and backlogs easily with our splitted view.

Swim lanes

By using horizontal swim lanes you can order your issues in a chess order. Effectively group your issues by any of the standard Redmine issues fields to set apart all unimportant issues and focus on that of particular interest.