Release Notes v.0.7.103

March 10, 2022

New Feature

  • added the 'Notify every time period' function in the application settings to control the time spent on the task with the timer enabled. If 'Notify every time period' is enabled, then the "Time Period" field is available for filling, where you can specify the number of minutes after which a pop-up notification about the amount of time spent will appear.
  • added "Remind to estimate the issue" function in the application settings. If the original estimate is not set in Redmine or Jira for the task with the timer enabled, a pop-up notification "Please, add the estimate before starting" will appear with the buttons "Continue and remind later" and "Open the issue". Clicking the "Open the issue" button allows you to open a task in the browser to edit it. 


  • minor bug fixes and changes