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    How to Successfully Manage a Team of Developers: 5 Proven Strategies
    Managing a software team professionally is not an easy task. You will need to not only achieve the fulfillment of the assigned tasks but also establish good relationships in the team and motivate your staff. There are many management strategies. Each of them is suitable for different software teams and...
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    How to Master Jira Capacity Planning without Extra Efforts: Tips and Key Steps
    Thousands of companies around the world often face the problem of correctly allocating time and resources to a particular project. When assigning another project to their employees, managers don't even know if they have enough time to do it. Incorrect planning of productivity leads to failure of...
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    10 Best Time Management Tips and Tools For Freelancers
    Freelancers have already become crucial players in many businesses. Not only does this form of work benefits individual contractors as they get the freedom to work remotely, set their own hours, and work on a project-by-project basis. Hiring freelancers as opposed to full-time employees is also advantageous...

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